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Life for commuters on New York’s subway system is set to get a little more comfortable, with the announcement that both its trains and stations are set for a revamp. The new subway cars will boast bigger doors for easier access, more standing space, Wi-Fi and USB charging ports.


State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli talks up resurgence of neighborhood, but role of government subsidies unclear The number of residents and new apartments in lower Manhattan has skyrocketed since 2000, while the number of jobs remains below pre-9/11 levels, according to a report Tuesday. The report, released by state Comptroller Thomas…

It is an ugly thing to live in a timeless place.

That is the ultimate tragedy of Admiral’s Row—that those buildings got knocked down for parking. In 2016, we are knocking down 150-year-old buildings for a parking lot, says Simeon Bankoff, the Executive Director of the Historic Districts Council. It…Related Posts:South Street Seaport will lose one of its historic ships…Underused Stretch of Long Island City Envisioned as Rich…Mapping Stanford White s Most Beautiful NYC BuildingsNYC s 55 Outdoor Public Pools Open For Summer Today…Meet a New Yorker who traveled to every single subway stop…

Matthew Ahn, a 25-year-old lawyer, previously held the world record for the fastest time completing the “Subway Challenge”; the New York Times followed him as he recently tried to best his old record, which was nullified in 2015.

OMG! I’d love for some of these restaurants to be in New York City.

Going out to eat isn’t just about the food. It’s about the whole experience, and a big part of that is the restaurant’s design. While a beautifully designed space can certainly enhance your enjoyment of a meal, the restaurants we’re talking about today go beyond even that, with weird, wild and outlandish designs that perhaps overshadow even the food itself, for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Here’s our highly subjective list of some really great shelving units and bookcases for 2016. Color features prominently on the list, along with clean lines, plenty of powder-coated metal, and options that double as room dividers.

No matter if you have a non-existent entryway or a spacious foyer, this is one of those spots where clutter seems to pile up without anyone even noticing. Lucky for us, we can always count on IKEA as an endless source of inspiration for team clutter control. Add one of these hacks or upgrades to your entryway and you’ll gain some extra storage space that also makes a great first impression.

This was probably the largest tree in NYC and probably 150 years old. It was huge. Now it has become prized timber for furniture makers and architectural use. This video is fascinating and informational. Don’t worry. The tree died a natural death over years before it was taken down.

When the Parks Department recently declared one of the city’s largest trees dead (and therefore dangerous to those walking by), they turned to the experts at RE

In this video, the MTA explains its artificial reef program, where old subway cars were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean to create new habitats for marine life.

VIDEO: The MTA tells all about dumping its subway cars in the Atlantic Ocean

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