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Unsurprisingly, New York City was at the high end of cost and low end of square footage. When upgrading to a one bedroom, renters will pay $1,169, while the next costliest city, San Francisco, renters pay $778. The highest different in percentage, however, was in Chicago at 43 percent, followed by NYC at 41 percent. But with the higher rent came only 190 more square feet on average in New York City, one of the lowest space increases among the major cities.

New Yorkers looking to move from a one bedroom to a two bedroom will need to pay on average $1,710, a 43 percent increase, which was the highest among all cities. However, with that jump in price comes the biggest increase in space of all the cities — 421 square feet.

Source: How much it costs to move into a bigger apartment in New York City – Metro