Ok, I’ve actually reposted these recipes here so that I’ll know where to find them when I need them. They look great, don’t they? It’s also getting very close to lunch time… Hmmm… wonder if that had anything to do with this post.

When friends come around for a backyard barbecue, it tends to feel simple. You’re comfortable in your surroundings; you know your grill and you know your pantry. But move that gathering to an unfamiliar place, like that beach house you’re renting for the week, and suddenly all bets are off — you’re most definitely in alien territory. So how do you serve a house full of people when you’re out of your element, but still trying to channel that easy, breezy vacation vibe? These six recipes — covering everything from breakfast to dinner — streamline the cooking process to make vacation-kitchen cooking both fun and carefree.